Monday, September 11, 2006

Update for Merinos Seminole Heights Deli

Hello to all, who either live, work or simply drive down the 6400 block of Florida Ave. in the beautiful neighboorhod of Seminole Heights.
I am Mike Merino, a life long Tampa resident and five time restaurant owner in the city since 1976.

I have chosen this forum to announce the official start of construction of "Merinos Seminole Heights Deli", at 6430 N. Florida Ave.

Since moving into the Seminole Heights area in 1998, I have seen the need to get back into the food service business as there is a sore need for more independent operators in this wonderfull area.

Merinos will be in some what of an unusual spot as it will be part of the building that houses "Larrys Automotive".
Larry Jackson, a super honest auto mechanic, has been a staple of Seminole Heights for over 37 years and I was fortunate to discover that he owned a small, but workable and seperate 1000 square foot space available.

It has been a tremendous and quite expensive struggle to get to the level I am at presently.
The city building dept has not cut me any slack with the legal conversion but, I have not ever had the thought of giving up the project, as I know that with the help of all the good folks in the neighboorhood and the business community that surrounds me, Merinos will be one of the many fun and competent restaurants in the area for years to come.

I invite anyone who reads this to ask any question you wish and if you wish to speak to me directly I can be reached at 813-431-5730.

If all goes as planned, Merinos will be open and ready to serve excellent subs, soups, salads and a special hot meal of the day with side veggies before November 2006.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am open for your comments, questions or calls!